Monroe Park Campus

Student Government Association

Senate Resolution

S.R. [05]-2012/13


University Student Research Resolution


Thanks for expressing support for research projects, Virginia Commonwealth University Student Government Association! Quoting from the resolution: 

WHEREAS, a major problem facing student research is the lack of easily accessible information and guidance, relating to the available advisors or mentors, pre-existing topics of study, and cross-disciplinary projects; and,

WHEREAS, students pursuing research are confronted with an inefficient, time-consuming search process that limits time spent on actual research; and,

WHEREAS, this university’s Quest for Distinction plan states, “We must critically examine policies and practices and creatively address the urgency of sustaining and growing, wherever possible, our research activities to reach preeminence” (p.19); and,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the VCU Student Body Senate desires an efficient platform for discovering, designing, and executing student research, beginning with a simple, consolidated, university-wide database connecting the following points:

1.     Currently available Research Advisors or Mentors across all schools and departments, with their related research and contact information;

2.     Previous theses pursued at the university, with related abstracts and advisor information;

3.     Correlated research grants provided both internally (through the University) and externally (through other funds);

4.     Pre-existing resources available through VCU Libraries; and,