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AuthorChao Wang
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Research InterestsOur research is focused on the development of advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnologies to address global challenges such as renewable energy and green chemical engineering. The foreground of sustainability is built on efficient and environment-friendly schemes of energy conversion and storage as well as chemical transformations. In our group, we target such schemes by design, synthesis and functionalization of new materials with nanoscale architectures finely tailored to achieve optimal performance for various applications. We employ a series of state-of-the-art techniques to characterize these materials and study their functional performance, including atomically resolved scanning electron microscopy, spectrum-selective photoelectrochemical analyzer, and ex situ/in situ X-ray spectroscopy. We intend to establish the correlations among structure, property and function for these systems, and develop fundamental understanding of chemical reactions and charge transfer at solid-liquid-gas interfaces. The specific topics of our interest include photoelectrochemical solar cells, rechargeable lithium batteries and high-performance heterogeneous catalysts of reduced precious metal content.
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