The easiest way to start research

“Project Lever exemplifies the very best in educational technology thinking and design. It’s a simple, brilliantly executed idea that could have a very real impact on college campuses”

-   Glenn B. Magid, Harvard, Assistant Dean of Advising

The Problem

When starting a research project, college students spend dozens of hours filtering through university webpages trying to find the right resources without any good tools to locate them. Students waste time searching for resources, miss opportunities, or find the wrong resources for their project.

  • 70% of Tufts students say they would do more research if resources were more widely available.
  • 67% of students at UCLA consider finding an academic mentor as a moderate or major problem.
  • 57% of the students at Harvard who plan to do research projects fail to do so by the time they graduate.

The Solution

Project Lever makes starting research projects fast and easy. We connect students to resources in three ways: 1) search – a keyword search for students that can articulate their research interests; 2) match – a matching algorithm that ranks the best resources for a research idea; 3) browse – interactive text visualizations that allows students to brainstorm more effectively. We sell subscriptions to universities, who offer them to their students for free. Using data scraping algorithms, we implement our solutions in weeks, not months or years.

Our Value

Project Lever is unique because it brings valuable content provided by the university while reaching students in "their language", using an attractive user interface.

  • For students: More time spent on research, less on searching for resources.
  • For faculty: Better student-advisor match helps to optimize faculty investment into the right student.
  • For universities: All university content, aggregated and organized in a matter of weeks, not months or years.
  • For all: Better research.