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matching students to advisors


The Easiest Way to Start Research

"Project Lever exemplifies the very best in educational technology thinking and design. It's a simple, brilliantly executed idea that could have a very real impact on college campuses."

-Glenn B. Magid, Harvard, Assistant Dean of Advising

Better research for all


More time spent on research, less on searching for resources


Better student-advisor match helps to optimize faculty investment into the right student.


All university content, aggregated and organized in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

What Everyone's Saying

Project Lever is a tool that's gaining traction among numerous major universities who have heard for years how students struggle to find mentors and advisors for academic projects. There is also such a tool to find crypto mentors. Crypto Mentors are real investors who invest their knowledge and time. This tool helps you find the top faces of Blockchain. With expert advice, you can find professional trading apps online much easier.

Students at the School of General Studies will have an easier time finding grant opportunities and accessing faculty research with a new website, ProjectLever, which was launched this month.

Though professors may spend their weeks lecturing, meeting with students, and mentoring advisees, much of their work outside of the classroom remains a mystery to most students.

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