Want to get $6,000 in research funding this summer? Read on!


Team Lever had a wonderful meeting with Provost Diane Souvaine of Tufts University last week. Among other things, Provost Souvaine is on the board of National Science Foundation. She shared a way to receive thousands of dollars in summer research funding for all college students… even the ones in social sciences! Are you ready? (???)

 Look up the National Science Foundation

What? Every professor that has a research grant from the National Science Foundation is eligible to apply for the “Summer Undergraduate Research Grant” supplement and receive $6,000 dollars in funding for an undergraduate research assistant.

How to apply? The application process is very simple and consists of a two-page supplement. Once a professor sends off the form, funding gets awarded automatically.

Where to find? Go to www.nsf.gov and click on “Awards” -> “Search Awards” menu on the top left. Then, type in the name of the university that you’re interested in (for example, “Tufts chemistry”), and see the list of the names of professors that are offering research funding this summer!

Students, do not miss fantastic research opportunities available to you. Project Lever team will make sure to find new ones and keep you updated!

How are you getting funded this summer? Share your tips in the comments!

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