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Four Days Until Project Lever Launches for >17,000 Online Students at Harvard

You may have read about in another Lever Magazine post as we were mentioned in Bloomberg Businessweek, but the countdown comes to a close as we anticipate our biggest platform date to launch. 17,000 students at Harvard Business School taking the “Innovating in Health Care”will be eligible to sign up for our online platform. March […]

Want to find a great mentor? Build an academic network!

“You will find only what you bring in.” - Master Yoda With April almost around the corner, a lot of junior students start fretting about finding thesis advisors for next years. In our conversations with students looking for academic mentors, we often hear this idea of having “one and only” academic mentor, and if only […]

Company Mention in Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

Julia Freeland from the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation put together a really nice article this month commenting on the new ways in which technology is helping students. We all know that technology has become adept at personalizing content for us, but we are getting into the age where revealing “social capital” is becoming […]

CEO Guest Lectures for Boston University’s School of Education Class

This Tuesday, CEO Svetlana Dotsenko and I met with some budding young innovators at Boston University. Professor Amy Slate was kind enough to let Svetlana take over class for the day and give the students a peek into the life and growth of a startup company in the Education sector. The class is entitled “Emerging […]

Svetlana and Shannon Visit Harvard Divinity School!

Divinity school students, you may have spotted us in the Rock Cafe yesterday handing out delicious mini cupcakes and fresh fruit. We want you signed up at Project Lever! Lots of professors, students, and staff members of the Div. school were intrigued by this new partnership they may have been learning about via email and […]

Mayor Marty Walsh Visits Project Lever!

Our office space, comprised of dozens of startups in the EdTech industry, got a very special visitor today - the mayor of Boston! Mayor Marty Walsh was able to shake hands with Boston entrepreneurs and learn about how each one of our companies is innovating the industry.  “We want [your companies] to grow. We want […]

Project Lever Mentioned in Bloomberg Businessweek!

We are so excited and honored to be mentioned this week in Bloomberg Businessweek!! A friend of ours over at Harvard let us know that the folks at Bloomberg would be exploring the massive open online course, “Innovating in Health Care,” which has partnered with Project Lever to connect students with each other for team […]

Hats Off to Harvard’s CAPS

Two weeks ago, CEO Svetlana Dotsenko visited a group of Harvard undergraduates after their senior thesis seminar. Svetlana explained the Project Lever online platform and how beneficial it can be for CAPS students to utilize for their research projects.  The Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) is maintained by an interdisciplinary group of Faculty of […]

Huff Post about Project Lever!

Project Lever is mentioned as the tool of choice for figuring out research advisors by Huffington Post! 2. Do your research first! After refining your interests, find out who are the experts in your field and read about their work. Make sure you do thorough research before you talk to the professor to know his […]

Front page @eCampusNews!!!

Project Lever is featured on the front page of eCampusNews today! Read the full article here.  For many students, just starting a research project can be the tallest hurdle standing in the way of completing one. Nearly sixty percent of students at Harvard University who say they plan to do research projects end up graduating […]