Month: May 2013

Nominated for the “Academy Awards” of the Tech!

Project Lever was nominated for the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Award in the nomination of “Innovation of the Year” - Educational Technology! The program kicks off each April with a nomination period, where the most innovative companies compete for the right to present their innovation to a panel of top executives in the Commonwealth. We are […]

Daniel Bruder @SEAS Harvard

Want to see more cool inventions? SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) at Harvard showcased a wide variety of amazing inventions at their Spring Fair this year. Look at this NIMBUS invention by Daniel Bruder ’12! If only we could try it out. What is the coolest student invention you’ve seen this year?

Yeshiva University!

We look forward to partnering with student organization at Yeshiva University to help students in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) find research advisors! Huge thanks to the junior student Eli Grunblatt, who is taking the lead on our partnership development. We are excited about this new development! Want to bring Project Lever to your […]

Alejandra Carles-Tolra @MassArt

For the first time today, #ResearchSuperstars is writing about an art project! We’re excited to introduce Alejandra Carles-Tolra, who is about to receive her MFA degree in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Alejandra is currently exhibiting her work at Paine and Bakalar Galleries at 621 Huntington Avenue in Boston - make […]

Virginia Commonwealth University!!

  Monroe Park Campus Student Government Association Senate Resolution S.R. [05]-2012/13   University Student Research Resolution   Thanks for expressing support for research projects, Virginia Commonwealth University Student Government Association! Quoting from the resolution:  WHEREAS, a major problem facing student research is the lack of easily accessible information and guidance, relating to the available advisors […]

Mass Challenge Pitch!

Pitching is so much fun! We went to Mass Challenge offices on Wednesday morning to participate in the Finalist selection for the biggest start-up accelerator in the world. Quite exciting! We’ll keep you updated on our progress - hopefully there is much more to come!  

New Promotional Video!!

Want to know more about how Project Lever works behind the scenes? Watch our new promotional video! Ideas for improving the existing system? Leave suggestions in the comments!

Ridwan Alam @Wayne State University


Our newest #ResearchSuperstar Ridwan Alam is a senior in Wayne State University and part of the MedStart (BS/MD) program. Ridwan is already a published researcher (twice! first paper, second paper), and is admitted to the most prestigious medical schools in the country (Johns Hopkins and WSU!). His story is also a wonderful account of humility, tenacity, and true passion for research. Research got you down? Read this story for inspiration.

Ridwan started looking for research opportunities right after graduating from high school in June 2009. He emailed several professors but received a lot of dead ends. Soon, however, he was invited to shadow a neurosurgeon, who did not have research openings but introduced Ridwan to a colleague, whose lab was doing neurosurgery research. After an interview, Ridwan was invited to join her group.

Alexander Isakov and Kimberly Murdaugh @Harvard School of Engineering (SEAS)

  Alexander Isakov and Kimberly Murdaugh have invented a safer and more efficient laparoscopic morcellator. Their invention has won the Grand Prize at the 2013 International Student Design Showcase in Minneapolis, MN! Our warmest congratulations to Alex, Kimberly, William Burke, and their colleagues who helped make it happen. The device that they invented can help […]

We are Mass Challenge Semifinalists!!!!!

Project Lever was selected out of >1,000 teams as the SemiFinalist in the Mass Challenge, which is the biggest startup accelerator in the world!! Mass Challenge the largest-ever startup accelerator, and the first to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached. Mass Challenge connects young companies with over 300 mentors, who are accomplished professionals […]