Month: March 2013

Scott Reu @ Cornell University



Scott Reu, a linguistics major at Cornell University, focused his research on tracing the history of the prefix ga- in Germanic languages, specifically Gothic. According to Reu, Gothic presents a perfect specimen for examination due to its relatively constrained corpus of work as well as it’s position as the oldest Germanic language in writing. Through looking at specific examples of the prefix, Rue was able to make the case that ga- was used as an aspectual prefix, a feature common in Slavic languages but not thought to be used in the Germanic languages.

Support of Hopkins Student Government!

  Wonderful news from Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Student Government has unanimously passed a resolution in support of Project Lever on campus! Quoting the best parts: WHEREAS there is a need for a comprehensive database for research opportunities available. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that SGA supports the integration of Project Lever into the Johns […]

Brianna Beswick @ Harvard College

  Last summer, Brianna Beswick received the Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies Grant and support from the Harvard College Research Project to fund her research in Argentina. In the late 20th century in Argentina, social reforms involving labor and immigration were instituted amid the overwhelming economic crisis, a surprising combination when one considers that […]

Michaela Schwartz and Emily Rea @ Mt. Holyoke

                 Michaela Schwartz, a self-designed Sexuality major and Anthropology minor at Mt. Holyoke, has come up with an innovative research project to look at the oral history of the Mt. Holyoke Gender Studies Department. Schwartz and her research partner, Emily Rea, are teaming up to make a documentary outlining the development of the […]

Want to get $6,000 in research funding this summer? Read on!

  Team Lever had a wonderful meeting with Provost Diane Souvaine of Tufts University last week. Among other things, Provost Souvaine is on the board of National Science Foundation. She shared a way to receive thousands of dollars in summer research funding for all college students… even the ones in social sciences! Are you ready? […]