This Week on Project Lever Magazine! [June 30 2014]

With more and more of our users moving into the beginning phases of research for senior theses and large research projects, building and maintaining a relationship with advisors for these projects is more important now than ever. So this week, we at Project Lever are going to give you some insight into how to best navigate this process, through interviews we’ve conducted of successful student researchers and faculty advisors, and an in-depth guide to using our platform to find the best advisor for you. The content for this week will be as follows:

Monday 6/30 - Student Research Spotlight

We will highlight Monica McFadden, a current student at Notre Dame who is doing some wonderful research on cleaning our water supply! Huge thanks to Alicia Czarnecki, who wrote this article and is also a student at Notre Dame!

Tuesday 7/1 - Professor Interview

We will publish some of the advice that we were given from Dean Thomas Little from BU’s College of Engineering on how he selects students that he wants to advise, and what attributes successful advisee will have.

Wednesday 7/2 - Project Lever Resource

On Wednesday we will highlight some of our particular resources at Project Lever, and explain how they can make the research process a little easier for you.

Thursday 7/3 - Project Lever Guide

On Thursday we will publish an in depth guide to using our platform to find your dream advisor!

Friday 7/4 - Best Advisor Ever?

In the spirit of Independence Day, we will present our ranking of some of the best advisor-advisee relationships in film history (with a patriotic twist!).

Stay Tuned!

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