Svetlana and Shannon Visit Harvard Divinity School!

Divinity school students, you may have spotted us in the Rock Cafe yesterday handing out delicious mini cupcakes and fresh fruit. We want you signed up at Project Lever! Lots of professors, students, and staff members of the Div. school were intrigued by this new partnership they may have been learning about via email and word of mouth around campus. 

Shannon Hart from Project Lever awaits eager students.

Buzzing from their miniature confectionary treats, students were motivated to sign up for Project Lever at the table with the convenience of our iPad. Although we have been connecting with users for feedback on a daily basis via phone, it was great to see firsthand what the user experience is like. We received great compliments: “I have friends that always complain, ‘Where are all the professors that are interested in what I am interested in?’ This website would be great for them!” We also learned that Harvard Divinity School already has a great mentorship program: “I already have a great advisor here, but am looking forward to checking out what the thesis topics are that other students have previously written.” It’s great that potential users are aware that Project Lever offers way more than just connecting students to faculty members. 

It’s so awesome to meet with our users face-to-face and see what an impact we are making. From just a couple minutes using the site, Harvard Divinity students were making connections with new professors. Thank you so much to the faculty and staff of Harvard Divinity School for bringing us on campus and seeing our vision come to fruition. Keep signing up, everyone!

Harvard Divinity School student Niki Patterson registers for Project Lever.

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