Author: Svetlana Dotsenko

This Notre Dame Student is Changing the Way We Clean Our Water

Written by Alicia Czarnecki, student at the University of Notre Dame! When Monica McFadden, Environmental Engineering Class of 2017, University of Notre Dame, was searching for colleges she was specifically looking for a place where she could be involved in research as an undergraduate student. At Notre Dame, McFadden is already involved in research at the […]

Interested in taking a gap year? Lydia Collins in Ecuador

Tufts freshman Lydia Collins lived in a family in Ecuador from August until April as part of a gap year program. “I did a program called Global citizen year. The program puts kids in Ecuador, Brazil and Senegal. I wanted to go to Ecuador because I wanted to improve my Spanish.” Tufts’ 4+1 program to […]

Want to find a great mentor? Build an academic network!

“You will find only what you bring in.” - Master Yoda With April almost around the corner, a lot of junior students start fretting about finding thesis advisors for next years. In our conversations with students looking for academic mentors, we often hear this idea of having “one and only” academic mentor, and if only […]

How Imaginary Friends Can Create Real Connections

Instructional-technology specialist Jim Groom, a self-described “Edupunk.” Image credit: D’Arcy Norman. Link.  Jim Groom is a bit of a legend in the world of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The original Edupunk, he taught a MOOC class on digital storytelling, which was “not like any other MOOC” in terms of its structure (allowing the participants to […]

Jessica Barzilay, on studying Darwin at Oxford last summer!

This summer, I was lucky enough to embark on a 6 week study abroad adventure in Oxford, England, through the Harvard Summer School. The program centered on Darwin in two 3 week courses: the first engaged with the history of science preceding and surrounding Charles Darwin’s revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection; the second […]

Sietse Goffard @Harvard College

Sietse Goffard is a rising junior at Harvard College. Here is his “summer postcard” from his prestigious Director’s Internship through the Harvard Institute of Politics!  “This summer, I worked at the Newton office of U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III, focusing on helping the staff with constituent work — working “on the front lines” to […]

Huff Post about Project Lever!

Project Lever is mentioned as the tool of choice for figuring out research advisors by Huffington Post! 2. Do your research first! After refining your interests, find out who are the experts in your field and read about their work. Make sure you do thorough research before you talk to the professor to know his […]

Front page @eCampusNews!!!

Project Lever is featured on the front page of eCampusNews today! Read the full article here.  For many students, just starting a research project can be the tallest hurdle standing in the way of completing one. Nearly sixty percent of students at Harvard University who say they plan to do research projects end up graduating […]

E-Advising named No.1 educational innovation!

Big positive news for Project Lever from Steven Mintz, opinion leader the Chronicle for Higher Education: e-advising is named No.1 educational innovation of the future!  Innovation 1: e-Advising Why do only half of college students graduate? Noncognitive factors seem pivotal, and social disconnection appears to be a crucial factor. When students feel alone, they withdraw […]

Ishan Chatterjee @Harvard School of Engineering

Programming? Check. Electronics? Check. Machining, brainstorming, and reading? Check, check check. Despite their varied nature, the above tasks are all in a day’s work for Ishan Chattrejee, a rising sophomore at Harvard University.   Working in the Harvard Biodesign Lab under the auspices of its founder, assistant professor Conor Walsh, Chatterjee is assisting with medical engineering […]