User Experience Update!

Dear users,

Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard on user experience and user interface. We are excited to present you an update of what we have done!

Essentially, our system now has three easy interfaces: 1) Search, 2) Match, 3). Browse. We will make sure that you’re able to find EVERYTHING you were looking for using these three modules. Let me show you some examples of what I mean:

1. Search

Search functionality is useful for people that can drill down to a particular keyword. For example, if you want to see all the advisors that mention the word “China” there, you can put it in and see the results:



2. Match

Match interface works primarily for people that are not sure what to look for, but can describe their own interests. This interface allows users to type in their interests in a textbox, and receive suggestions for advisors, theses, and courses:


3. Browse

“Browse” functionality is most useful for people that do not quite know what they want. It allows to see a beautiful visualization of all the resources available at a university. Here is a picture:

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