Undergraduate Research Expo Series: Sergio Andres Segrera

On September 14th, we hosted our first Undergraduate Research Expo. Eleven students from Tufts, MIT and Harvard held short Ted-Talk style on a topic of their choice. Here is the profile of presenter Sergio Andres Segrera:

Sergio Andres Segrera is a fifth year senior at Harvard concentrating in sociology with a secondary focus on global health and health policy. He is on a pre-medical track.

Sergio presented on the Maasai tribes in Tanzania and Kenya and the need to implement HIV/AIDS awareness programs in the tribes’ regions. He travelled to East Africa last fall as a volunteer for Support for International Change, an NGO that offers a comprehensive set of community based services to combat HIV/AIDS. He discussed the need to evaluate and change the Maasai tribes’ perceptions of HIV/AIDS through culturally sensitive awareness programs.

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