Support of Boston University Student Government!

Late Monday night, we received the support of Boston University student government!!


Whereas, on April 1, 2013, Project Lever presented to cabinet their company’s solution to university students’ problem of easily and efficiently finding research resources;

Whereas, the solution is an organized, user-friendly website with all the resources student need to begin their research project;

Whereas, these resources would include, but not be limited to, previous student research projects, faculty and student profiles, courses, research grants and scholarships, and library resources;

Whereas, we are presenting this to Senate because we believe that students here at Boston University deserve and would benefit from this type of resource;

Whereas, by giving our student support to Project Lever, we would begin the process with administration.

The following thing we ask

— (1) Senate’s support in Student Government working with Project Lever to create this resource for Boston University students;


Thanks to our BU champion Natalie Fritz, the Chair of Academic and City Affairs!!

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