This Week on Project Lever Magazine! [7.7.2014]

Hi guys!

So for this week at Project Lever, we are switching gears from the subject of how to build a relationship with an advisor to how to build an academic network, and why doing so is an important part of the research process. So each day for the rest of the week, we will publish something that will give you a little bit of insight into how to navigate forming your own academic networks and why they are important. The plan for this week is as follows:

Monday 7/7 - This week’s outline!

Tuesday 7/8 - Student Research Spotlight!

We will be highlighting one very successful student researcher, and getting familiar with his/her research, and why they think that having an academic network is a positive thing for student research.

Wednesday 7/9 - Project Lever Resource

We will expand our Project Lever Guide from last week, and show you exactly how you can use our platform to form your own academic network.

Thursday 7/10 - Faculty Spotlight!

This Thursday, we will bring to you an interview that we conduct with a superstar faculty member at an elite institution, and get their take on having academic networks. Stay tuned to find out who it is!

Friday 7/11 - Surprise :)

We’ll be bringing you a surprise TGIF post on the subject, where hopefully our humor doesn’t fall flat!


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