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Undergraduate Research Expo Series: Sergio Andres Segrera

On September 14th, we hosted our first Undergraduate Research Expo. Eleven students from Tufts, MIT and Harvard held short Ted-Talk style on a topic of their choice. Here is the profile of presenter Sergio Andres Segrera: Sergio Andres Segrera is a fifth year senior at Harvard concentrating in sociology with a secondary focus on global health […]

Undergraduate Research Expo Series: Isabel Plana

On September 12th, we hosted our first Undergraduate Research Expo. Eleven students from Tufts, MIT and Harvard held short Ted-Talk style presentations on a topic of their choice. Here is the profile of presenter Isabel Plana: Isabel Plana is a junior at MIT studying chemical engineering with a focus on oil and energy. Isabel has […]

Claire Gianakas from CMU tells us about mentoring options for students!

Written by Claire Gianakas Adlai E. Stevenson, former American politician and presidential candidate, once said, “we can chart our future clearly and wisely only when we know the path which has led to the present.” Although Stevenson was speaking with reference to a political campaign, the concept is also highly relevant to the modern research […]

Notre Dame’s Rae Moors shows us a thing or two about Irish literature!

Rae Moors, an incoming senior at the University of Notre Dame, has had quite an eventful summer. To gather information for her Irish Language and Literature thesis and Art Studio exhibit, Moors travelled to Dublin and Galway to research Irish folklore and the way that characters, stories and cultural heritage is celebrated in the telling […]

Billy Looney of Harvard is rapidly expanding his academic network through summer research!

All of his friends and family know him simply as “Billy,” but for the Harvard student-athlete William Francis Looney IV, his name reflects only part of his identity on campus, as his passions for both academics and athletics bleed into everything he does. Billy is a rising senior at the college, on track to honorably […]

This Week on Project Lever Magazine! [7.7.2014]

Hi guys! So for this week at Project Lever, we are switching gears from the subject of how to build a relationship with an advisor to how to build an academic network, and why doing so is an important part of the research process. So each day for the rest of the week, we will […]

Guide to Project Lever!

Here at Project Lever, we aim to make the process of finding an advisor and finding resources for your research projects as simple as possible. So with this guide, using our interface should be as smooth as Frank Underwood’s Southern drawl in House of Cards.  Step 1: Create an Account! This step is fast, easy, FREE, […]

Wondering how to approach an academic advisor? Dean Little from BU helps us out

Here at Project Lever, we do our absolute best to connect you to an academic advisor for your research project. Unfortunately, through our match algorithm, we can’t necessarily give you the information about an individual professor’s tendencies (at least not yet!). Knowing a professor’s name, e-mail address, and office is only half of the battle. […]

This Week on Project Lever Magazine! [June 30 2014]

With more and more of our users moving into the beginning phases of research for senior theses and large research projects, building and maintaining a relationship with advisors for these projects is more important now than ever. So this week, we at Project Lever are going to give you some insight into how to best […]

This Notre Dame Student is Changing the Way We Clean Our Water

Written by Alicia Czarnecki, student at the University of Notre Dame! When Monica McFadden, Environmental Engineering Class of 2017, University of Notre Dame, was searching for colleges she was specifically looking for a place where she could be involved in research as an undergraduate student. At Notre Dame, McFadden is already involved in research at the […]